Portuguese Minister for Marine Affairs commends Marnet

the lead parter is the Northern & Western Regional Assembly    + 353 94 986 2970

Portugal’s Secretary of State for the Sea has commended the partners working on the EU Interreg Marnet project. Addressing the Marnet conference at the Forum Do Mar International Marine Conference in Oporto this week  Mr. Manuel Pinto de Abreu welcomed the development of an Atlantic Atlas of Marine Indicators which will allow Local and  regional authorities, Higher Education Institutes and marine industry players compare the value of marine activities to the local economies of Atlantic Regions. Launching the Marnet Atlas of Indicators the Minister congratulated the project partners for their efforts over the past two years in creating this interactive tool. Marnet is a marine socio economic transnational Interreg project which is supported by the Atlantic Area Interreg Programme. The project consists of partners from the five member states of the Atlantic area – Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France and the UK. The BMW Regional Assembly is the Lead Partner for the project. The Socio Economic Marine Research Unit at NUI Galway is the scientific lead for the project.

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