Atlas of Marine Socio-economic Indicators

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The goal of this activity has been to generate an atlas of marine socio-economic indicators in Atlantic Regions. The atlas is now available online and is usable at different spatial scales which will have been decided upon at the data collection stage. The Atlas is of benefit of Socio Economic Researchers, Policy workers as well as Regional and Local Authorities.


About the MARNET Atlas

The MARNET Atlas is a new online platform displaying marine socio-economic data for the European Atlantic Area. The Atlas provides detailed economic information on a range of maritime sectors with the objective of contributing to in-depth economic and social analysis of the Atlantic Area. The information detailed in the Atlas has been collected by five partner countries; France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the UK. There are 14 topics within the Atlas covering 52 economic activities. The Atlas covers the five years’ worth of data from 2008 to 2012. Data has been collected from a wide variety of sources which are detailed for each NACE code by clicking the icon to the right of the NACE code title.


Accessing the Data

The Atlas is useable at the country level and regional level. Additional data are available in spreadsheet format for coastal regions at NUTS 3 and Local Administrative Units one and two, as well as the data displayed in the Atlas at NUTS 0 and NUTS 2 through the member’s area of the MARNET website. Please register here: MARNET Network


Additional Information and Data Notes

Each NACE code is considered either fully marine or partially marine; where you see a “(P)” this is a partially marine NACE code and contains data from other industries. Data collected for the UK was converted from Great British Pounds to Euros using HM Revenue and Customs Yearly Exchange Rates. The original data files within the network member’s area contain both Pounds and Euro values.

For Spain, Ireland and the UK gross value added figures are collected as basic prices, for France and Portugal the figures are collected as market prices.


Please visit:  Marnet Atlas of Marine Socio-economic Indicators

Action Leader: University of Stirling, Scotland

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