4th Annual Beaufort Marine Socio-Economic Workshop

the lead parter is the Northern & Western Regional Assembly    + 353 94 986 2970


The 4th Annual Beaufort Marine Socio-Economic Workshop was held in NUI Galway on Tuesday, August 27th 2013. This year’s event comprised a high profile speaker line up and included an overview of Maritime Transport Policies in Ireland, an examination of Environmental Impact Assessements of Freshwater and Estuarine waters ecosystems as well as a session on the Value of the Ocean and Coastal Economies. The Marnet project was the highlight of the workshop with two presentations delivered on the project. Naomi Foley of NUI Galway delivered an overview of the project and presented details on the progress of the research to date. Katherine Simpson, University of Stirling delivered an overview of the marine atlas which will be created following the data collection process. The Atlas will be made available to a wide audience and will represent a dynamic way to present and share marine socio economic data. The event was attended by Marine Socio Economists, Researchers and State Agency Representatives.

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